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Interim services

For many companies assignment of projects or ongoing business to interim managers and interim lawyers is an excellent method for safeguarding required continuity in a flexible manner. This may include replacement in case of illness, maternity leave or a longer absence for other reasons when the continuation of general and ongoing matters remains crucial. Companies may also require interim managers and lawyers when existing staff cannot devote enough time and attention to projects or there is inadequate staff for larger or urgent projects, or when specific know-how is needed for a particular project but without the need for a new staff position.

Interim services may be needed when replacement of a general counsel or company secretary is required and matters must be taken over in a flexible and swift manner by people who do not need a lot of time for familiarization. Another area of need may be when establishing a new organisation or moving to a new geographical site. Mock Interim & Legal can provide highly qualified professionals, experienced in start-up operations who can help the new company without your needing to fund full-time staff positions in these areas.

Mock Interim & Legal focusess on senior functions. Dependent on the specific need interim services can be provided also by a team of persons in which case a senior and more junior professionals can provide a good solution.

Examples of general and project related interim services

International Commercial Contracts

Aircraft Financing
& Trading

Various projects in India and China


Chamber of
Commerce & Trade

Netherlands India Foundation for Innovation



(before QAPS)

Compliance / Governance / Audits





(before Siemens Enterprise Communications)

(before Sovion)
Sports Accommodations Foundation
Startbaan Amstelveen

Real Estate Transactions

Coaching and Advisory Services
young startups